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DEDPXL01 – Lines

So Zack Arias continues to inspire photographers around the world to challenge and further develop there skills by getting out there and shooting for assignments with the latest one being, “lines“. What seems at first a fairly straight forward assignment was actually a real challenge to make it interesting and I very quickly learnt that it’s all about picking your subject, place, object and working around it using different perspectives to try and give it an abstract look and feel to draw the viewer in with something like, “what’s that?, where’s that from?” type comment.

Ladders hung on string
Ladders hung on string

Posted here a two of my selects but it’s still very much a work in progress as I try to follow Zack’s advice and take note of the critics he’s posted. I encourage as many of you to join as possible as this is an invaluable experience and if your image is selected both Zack and Meg will critic it online at dedpxl.com.

All the best, get out there and shoot, shoot, shoot.

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