Click With Purpose

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In an effort to put into practice some of the skills that were bestowed upon us at this years GPP 2016 (Gulf Photo Plus which is hosted annually in Dubai around Feb/Mar) a few of us decided to create a Flickr group called, Click … Continue reading

DEDPXL07 – The World Has Changed

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In this DEDPXL07 assignment there was a change in form as Zack Arias surprised us all by stating, “someone is going to win this one” and in a BIG way with $6,000 of Hasselblad camera equipment up for grabs kindly supplied by Capture Integration. The theme of the assignment … Continue reading

DEDPXL04 – Get Low

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Get low, low, low, low… Belly to the floor stuff. Another great assignment from the folks at DEDPXL. The neighbours dog, Smudge ‘A Dogs’ Life’ feature again in his second photo shoot for ClickDreams. I was lucky enough to be in … Continue reading

DEDPXL03 – Shadows

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I found the latest Zack Arias DEDPXL assignment (DEDPXL03 – Shadows) really quite difficult and as a result struggled to get some photos submitted. I found that it forced me to see a potential shoot in an entirely different way. I guess my … Continue reading

DEDPXL02 – Shapes

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This turned out to be a really interesting assignment posted by Zack Arias on his DEDPXL website. To challenge photographers to see repetitive shape, form, pattern, and rhythm. Some of the examples of which can be seen below and in 500px … Continue reading

DEDPXL01 – Lines

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So Zack Arias continues to inspire photographers around the world to challenge and further develop there skills by getting out there and shooting for assignments with the latest one being, “lines“. What seems at first a fairly straight forward assignment … Continue reading

Bye, bye, Bobbi & GPP2014

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Unfortunately it’s bye, bye, Bobbi Lane & GPP2014 after an amazing full week of workshops with some of the best professional photographers in the world culminating in the the ‘Friday Shootout’ with Sara Lando taking on the infamous Zack Arias in … Continue reading

Hitting the Souk

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With the legendary Joe McNally in his GPP workshop, Exploring Small Lights was an amazing experience. I was fortunate enough to be put in a group with two very capable professional photographers Matt & Keith both of which showed me an … Continue reading