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Click With Purpose

In an effort to put into practice some of the skills that were bestowed upon us at this years GPP 2016 (Gulf Photo Plus which is hosted annually in Dubai around Feb/Mar) a few of us decided to create a Flickr group called, Click with Purpose. With the main aim being to encourage us to take themed assignment based photographs (in say a 3 month period) to hone our skills and ensure that we actually put into practice on a regular basis some of the techniques and skills we’d recently learnt.

Perhaps taking it a step further by rating or voting on the photos submitted for the given theme with the highest photo voted giving the photographer the right to make a collective group contribution to a charity of their choice (hence the philanthropic element). Giving something back in return.

To kick us off I have suggested our very first theme:
B&W, emotion – both of which I rarely ever shoot outside the comfort zone.
*Please remember only new work can be submitted.

Let me know your thoughts, it’s still very much early days.

If you would like to join the group, drop me an email and I’ll be sure to add you.


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