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It’s a Dog’s Life!

They say,

Never work with children or animals –  comedian, W.C. Fields

Well I decide to take on the later.

Below are a few choice photos of our loveable beast, Ella. She’s been a recent addition to our family and most of the time she is an absolute pleasure. When she’s not tearing up the carpet, crewing the walls or trying to poison herself with slug bait or rat poison! Only the once… thankfully.

Strike a pose

Dubai isn’t the easiest place to have a dog but they bring you so much pleasure we couldn’t help but try, besides we fostered her from a loving home as they simply ran out of space in their apartment and without a garden or a park for her to run around didn’t think it was fair.

One of the best places to let our four legged friends run off-leash is Al Quodra lakes and boy do they love it!

On the runIt wasnt me

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