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DEDPXL07 – The World Has Changed

In this DEDPXL07 assignment there was a change in form as Zack Arias surprised us all by stating, “someone is going to win this one” and in a BIG way with $6,000 of Hasselblad camera equipment up for grabs kindly supplied by Capture Integration.

The theme of the assignment is “The world has changed.” Your photo MUST have ALL three of the following elements:

  1. A news delivery device. This can be a newspaper, TV, radio, letter, phone, laptop, etc. Something that delivers news to someone. This MUST be in your photo.
  2. A human or humans. You must have some sort of human element in your photo. That can be a full person or persons or just a part of someone. Someone just entering the frame or leaving the frame.
  3. Something must be spilled or getting spilled in your photo. That can be a coffee cup falling from someone’s hand or a vase of flowers spilled on the floor.

Which is a though ask fitting together all of the elements specified whilst still conveying the message, ‘The World Has Changed‘.

I racked my brain trying to come up with a decent concept and then tries to execute it photographically. First delay (2 weeks) was trying to source an old fashioned TV set the whole world has gone flat screen or so it seems. The second was a location I had scouted previous but the old shack had been demolished and pulled down. The third was the time of day (sunrise/sunset) and conditions, too much light, too much wind, rain (in the desert crazy?!).

Attached to this post are two of my shots:

The World Has Changed - shack
The World Has Changed – shack

I think its fair to say that I was well incentivised by the camera candy on offer and of all the assignments I have taken part in I diffinently learnt the most from this one.

Good luck to all those who took part!

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