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Fuji-tastic Summer

So I finally cracked and brought myself the much talked about FujiFilm X100s.

It’s early days and I’m still sub 200 on the shutter count but my first impressions are… BELIEVE the hype! Having read many reviews all giving glowing recommendations to get out there and buy one immediately! I found that I couldn’t hold back any longer, my self control had worn off and I’m happy it did.

The only two issues that I have encountered with the camera so far (and I have applied the latest firmware version 1.03) are poor battery life and even worse battery indication on the amount of charge remaining along with supposedly substandard video although as most reviews have stated lets be honest your not going to buy this camera with the primary intention of recording video, it’s a nice to have additional feature.

Additional photos to follow…

Vineyards of Cassagnes
Vineyards of Cassagnes


Donkey Life
Donkey Life

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